Welcome to the Prodigy Pals Blog! I am excited to share perspectives and exchange ideas about how to create a rich musical environment for young children. In addition to being a music educator for well over a decade, I am a mother of three young sons. I am passionate about sharing my love for music with children and feel it is crucial to provide early music experiences. Though it has not been proven that music necessarily makes one “smarter”, there is a great deal of evidence that suggests that music instruction can enhance other academic areas and have long-term benefits. Additionally, many studies indicate that there is an optimal period from birth to nine for maximizing musical potential. The value of music in our global community is apparent; however, one of the greatest challenges as a parent is finding time to provide children with a stimulating music environment.

You can expect to discuss ways in which to create early formal and informal experiences for children from this blog community.  Each week I will be updating the blog and want you to become involved by commenting, becoming a guest contributor, and openly sharing your opinions. If you have any questions or suggestions I want you to feel free to contact me at [email protected] and please know that feedback is both encouraged and appreciated. With this blog it is important to note (no pun intended) that my goal is to share what I know as we together explore ways that families can better support children making music in a fun and engaging way.


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