Ultimate Music Playlist for Kids

When building your playlist of music for kids try to include a potpourri of genres. Children love to experience variety and should also listen to music that they find enjoyable. Songs that are repetitive in nature and ones that make children laugh encourage interaction. The overall experience is enhanced when children are not just merely listening but playing along, moving to, and making music. I am often amazed at how children are willing to sing and play along to music without any reservations. This is an optimal time to encourage children to make up words, improvise on instruments, and move their bodies.

When creating the ultimate playlist I think it is always a great idea to include songs that reflect your own culture while also incorporating the musical tastes of your children. My youngest son continues to enjoy nursery rhymes while my older sons love listening to jazz, classical, and especially world music genres. Though some popular music may not be appropriate it is usually fairly easy to find child friendly versions. A wonderful benefit of embracing diverse tracks on your child’s playlist is that it can help to train their ear for music. For example, while listening to a favorite playlist in the car my children often will name the many instruments they ear or naturally begin tapping along to the beat.

The creation of a playlist is a fun and exciting activity for children as they select their favorite songs. Once the playlist is finally complete it can be enjoyed both in the home or during car rides. Also, creating a playlist is great way for kids to share music for a gift, special occasion, or birthday celebration. Share what favorite songs and artists that you and your child have selected to create your ultimate playlist.



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