Making Time for Music

“Music is such an incredible tool for kids in general. They learn discipline; they learn how to express themselves. You learn math. You learn language.  It’s the ideal teaching tool.”

~Joshua Bell, American violinist

A parent is truly a child’s first teacher and to create early music experiences the lack of time is often the impediment for a busy family. To overcome this challenge I have made it a daily priority to provide my young sons each day with both informal and formal music experiences. Not only do I incorporate music into their daily schedule because it offers extra-musical benefits such as improving learning and memory but also due to its many intrinsic benefits. After starting on the violin at an early age and later transitioning to the piano I learned over time the value of discipline, the importance of accomplishing a goal, and perseverance. To promote these traits in my children I have found that the best time for them to engage in music making is in the morning. My boys are very early risers and I have found this to be the most productive time for them. Also, this time of day ensures that the activity is completed and that it will remain a consistent part of their daily routine. At the end of the day my children are very tired and the music experience becomes more of a task instead of an enjoyable activity. The Prodigy Pals Pack is designed to create an informal musical experience for young children to expose, enhance their music potential, and possibly encourage private instruction if an obvious music inclination exists. The interactive activities feature exciting music which is certain to spark a passion for music while children are being introduced to musical concepts. As a dedicated reader of the Prodigy Pals Perspectives blog, I want to know what time of day is the best for your child to make music. Please take this quick survey. P.S. at the end of the survey enter to win a 10% discount towards a Prodigy Pals Pack purchase.

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