Music and Motor Skills

To keep your child moving once school is out for the Summer incorporating music activities can be a perfect way to help them remain active. Promoting gross motor skills can be accomplished particularly through dancing and movement. This is a wonderful opportunity to choose a song from your ultimate playlist for kids and create your own movement activity. You can make the movement as simple or elaborate as you need to depending on your child’s needs and developmental age. As a result, the informal activity will be enjoyable and your child will feel successful at its conclusion.

It is evident that young children enjoy music and by learning to play an instrument it can be an exciting challenge. The basics of learning an instrument can be grasped by most four and five year olds when introduced early to enhance fine motor skills. The Prodigy Pals Pack which is an informal introduction to music and an instrument is designed for children ages four and above and includes a xylophone along with the instructional DVD and digital download of the soundtrack. The xylophone is adapted for children and has large keys and note names on them, which mirrors the instrument featured in the DVD. The interactive music lesson video that requires movement of the hands and arms to play the xylophone can enhance coordination, aid children with mastering timing with each use of the product, and develop music skills.

However, merely clapping or tapping objects to make rhythms can be a fun activity for very young children. In addition, songs that require finger motions can promote fine motor skills.  Not only do fingerplays and action poems foster coordination but they too can aid with memory and recall skills. I now hope that you are equipped with ways to promote motor skills with music by creating experiences that can have far-reaching benefits for your child’s overall development.

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