A Musical Family

Children especially enjoy playing and making music with family members. This particularly helps children to observe the important role of music in home life which can make a lasting impact. Parents can easily incorporate music daily by singing along to nursery rhymes, listening together to music attentively, and dancing to music. I have found music listening during dinnertime to be an optimal time to share my love of music. The music that I play softly in the background not only features music from different genres but is often very calming in preparation for bedtime. This provides my children with a smooth and relaxed transition.

By far the activity that is most favored by my children is to create music with me as I play with them on an instrument. I have many different instruments accessible around my home which makes it very easy for my children to create music on their own, with each other, or with me or my husband. This helps to cultivate a lifelong appreciation for music and are fun ways to provide young children with meaningful experiences that can be shared. The goal is never to force music experiences on children but to explore together the joy of music. Therefore, it is highly encouraged that parents assist their children in the music making process. This will enhance the overall music environment at home as children begin to see the value of music over time while developing ongoing musical skills. Share how you and your family foster informal music experiences at home.

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